Do You Food Prep?

Great cheap food blog. I am blessed to be able to meal prep. I normally spend most of Monday  large batches of vegetables typically gifted to me from our farmers near by, or purchased from the market. Once a month I do chicken or any meats I find on sale.

I had some time tonight so I cooked 10 lbs of sweet potatoes, a bag of carrots, and made homemade applesauce. The prep was only 20 minutes.

I heated my oven to 450 degrees.

I washed the potatoes, they were a gift from my neighbor. I poked them with a fork and plopped them on a tray.

I cored a bag of apples, it took about 5 minutes. I wash my fruit in a vinegar soak when it enters the house so it just needed a rinse before coring. Then I threw it in a pot in the oven.

I then cut up a bag of organic carrots that were in their prime. I added 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and put them in the oven.

I cooked everything for 30 minutes. The gas oven is hotter or cooks more quickly than any previous oven we’ve owned.

I moved my potatoes to the Dutch oven and cooked and additional 30 minutes, I would have started them there but it was otherwise occupied with my dinner at the time I started.

Once everything was cooked (30 minutes), I left them on the stove for a while to sweat. A while was long enough to bathe the baby and get her ready for bed, Skype her daddy, and put her down.

I returned to the kitchen to put the carrots and Potatoes in containers and mash the apples.

While the oven was busy and the baby was napping, I used the time to cut up mushrooms and open a bag of kale. I used food dehydrator to preserve the kale and mushrooms before they went bad.

It took me 20 minutes to prep the food 30-60 minutes for it to cook. This will save me a ton of dirty dishes this week.

Why Food Prep?
Food prep makes weekday dinner easier when I just have to heat a side, or mix up several ingredients. The best benifit is knowing what is in our food.

We try to stay away from wheat. I have a problem digesting a chemical used in the harvest of wheat.

Tomorrow I will cook 10 lbs of chicken and 1 lb each of rice and lentils. It’s easier to use these items in meals when they are pre cooked.

I use dinner leftovers for lunch the following day, if I cook too much I tend to freeze the extra, and use it another month.

Do you food prep? What are some of your tips for saving money and eating well? I would love to know.


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